Irrigation System Design & Control

Irrigation System Design & Control

Our network of cultivation experts includes reputable irrigation equipment companies, and we simplify the equipment selection process by offering growers proven solutions, no matter your size or budget.


Planning and Consultation

We work with you to understand your cultivation methodology and irrigation goals, and design an irrigation and control system specifically to meet those goals. Designing and installing an irrigation system doesn’t need to be complicated, but it can be difficult to select a solution that does what your cultivation crew needs it to do, without paying for unnecessary or overly complicated functionality. There’s an irrigation solution out there for just about any budget. Friends don’t let friends hand-water—for a commercial op, the time and labor just isn’t worth it.

Controls and Automation

Having a user-friendly irrigation controller can be the difference between healthy crops or disappointing yields. The main goal for automating irrigation is to “set it and forget it,” so the controller should provide cultivation managers with all the data they need to make informed irrigation decisions for different cultivars, while simplifying scheduling and planning—encouraging garden staff to minimize, and eventually eliminate, on-the-fly tweaking and non-data driven decisions. Click here to view our Fertilizer Injection / Controller Menu.

Water Treatment, Storage, Injection, Delivery and Recovery

Starting with quality water is the key to accurately dosing and monitoring your nutrient solution. We’ll help you to clean and oxygenate your water, and to store enough of it to accommodate your site’s irrigation requirements.

We offer industry-standard dosing solutions equipment from top manufacturers, including Dosatron’s Dilution Solutions and H.E. Anderson. These automated dosers accurately inject fertilizer into irrigation water at your programmed recipes and schedules. A series of solenoid valves deliver that nutrient solution to its scheduled irrigation zones and an environmentally friendly drainage and recovery system diverts any excess out of the garden. The excess irrigation water then runs through a series of filters to recapture the nutrients for the next fertigation cycle before the wastewater is reused or leaves the facility. Click here to view our Fertilizer Injection / Controller Menu.

System Design and Engineering

Once we specify your irrigation system equipment and design, we’ll provide you with a Piping and Instrumentation Diagram outlining all the critical system components as well as detailed piping diagrams for the entire system and facility. This will ensure your design/build team has all the necessary information for a smooth install.

We Deliver Unmatched Precision To Your Facility

Next Big Crop works with the industry’s top equipment manufacturers to design and integrate automation and environmental control systems to manage and track fertigation, irrigation, HVAC, CO2, odor control, greenhouse systems and more. These building management systems collect and store data and provide real time visibility into your operation. Reporting capabilities are customizable to fully meet your needs.

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Argus control systems provide automation for horticulture, aquaculture, and related biotechnology industries. Their capabilities include facility automation and specialty monitoring and control applications to support the needs of our customers. Click here to learn more about them.

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Blending and dispensing nutrients can be a time consuming process. A Dosatron nutrient system provides increased quality, consistency and accuracy to the cultivation process and will save you an exponential amount of time and money. Click here to learn more about them.

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It’s one piece of the puzzle to have the best technology in place, but have you thought about which of these should be automated?

It may cost more upfront to automate your cannabis cultivation facility systems, but the savings down the road will have you celebrating. You can automate all of these systems in a way that frees up your staff to handle the more important aspects of production:

• Trimming Systems
• Data Collection
• Environmental Controls
• Irrigation Systems and Nutrient Dispersal
• Lightning Systems 

Cultivation automation will also give your management the ability to control the operations remotely.

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Remote access and control through any smart device provides operators with an added layer of security and is frequently described as “a game-changer” by our clients and their staff. Labor efficiencies, methods to reduce production costs and sustainable practices are built into every operational system we install.