License Procurement

Next Big Crop has secured licenses for clients in the most competitive markets. Drawing on our years of hands-on experience in all facets of the industry, we focus on the critical elements that application reviewers seek. When Next Big Crop joins your application team, you gain an immediate advantage in the applicant pool – because our unparalleled experience successfully operating world-class cannabis businesses becomes your experience. By incorporating Next Big Crop into your operations team, you will gain heightened credibility and legitimacy in reviewers’ eyes.

License Callout

License Procurement Wins:

  • Highest scored Grower License Application in Marylandout of 147 applicants(15 total granted)
  • One out of 5 PharmaceuticalProcessor Licenses in Virginia
  • One out of 13 Grower/Processor Licenses in Pennsylvania
  • One out of 32 Dispensary Licenses in Arkansas
  • One out of 22 Cultivation Center Licenses in Illinois
  • Two out of 56 Dispensary Licenses in Ohio
  • Licenses secured in California
  • Licenses secured in Colorado

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