Design & Build

Design and Build
We interface with architects and engineers to create cannabis cultivation facilities with a focus on process flow management, maximizing canopy area and utilizing proven horticultural systems and technology.
Our team of experts have the ability to create a Business Plan complete with Pro-Forma projections, bringing your ideas to paper and ultimately; to life.

Next Big Crop offers our clients full general contractor services as well as options for owner’s representation. We provide cultivation insight throughout the build process and assist in selecting and sourcing appropriate furniture, fixtures and equipment. Leveraging our purchasing power, we are able to pass substantial savings onto our clients. Utilizing our prior experience in retail and cultivation facilities, we are able to optimize your yield, production and staffing costs resulting in a more profitable business.




Green Leaf Medical / Frederick MD

Rob Hansen Director of Compliance Conducting Training Rock Wool Cubes Argus Controls Fertigation System

Next Big Crop worked with Green Leaf Medical to secure a Maryland Medical Cannabis License by submitting the highest scored grower application. The facility is a state-of-the-art warehouse grow utilizing sophisticated automation systems. Next Big Crop advised throughout construction and has begun a two-year operations management contract. The facility is operational and will begin providing medical marijuana to patients within the next quarter.





Best Day Ever / Glenwood Springs, CO

Tiered Farming Vegetative Plants
Flowering Cannabis Flowers Ready to Harvest

Best Day Ever is a 26,000 sq. ft. recreational cannabis greenhouse, with co-located extraction facility and dispensary, located in Glenwood Springs, CO. Utilizing supplemental lighting, light deprivation and sophisticated environmental control systems, the facility produces year-round. Next Big Crop designed the facility and consulted throughout the construction process and his since completed their year long operations management contract.





Best Day Ever / Aspen, CO

Best Day Ever Dispensary Construction Best Day Ever Store Signage
Best Day Ever Inventory Selection Best Day Ever Product

Best Day Ever located in Aspen, CO, is a recreational marijuana dispensary providing high quality cannabis. Next Big Crop consulted throughout the construction process, aided in license procurement, provided METRC training and implementation, owner, manager and staff training, hiring and initial operations management. Best Day Ever is currently open for business, conveniently located near the base of the gondola.





Green Envy

Green Envy Construction
Green Envy Construction 2 Green Envy Construction 3


Green Envy is a 35,000 square foot indoor cannabis cultivation facility located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. State-of-the-art FF&E enables complete automation and control over almost all operations. Next Big Crop has worked with Green Envy throughout the planning, design and construction phases of the project and will now manage ongoing cultivation operations at the facility.

Learn more about Green Envy




North Las Vegas Organics Extraction Lab

North Las Vegas Organics Extraction Lab 1
North Las Vegas Organics Extraction Lab 2 North Las Vegas Organics Extraction Lab 3

North Las Vegas Organics’ Extraction Lab is a state-of-the-art CO2 extraction lab located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Leveraging today’s premier extraction/infusion technology, NLVO focuses on producing the highest quality oil for vaporizer cartridges and other infused products. Next Big Crop designed the lab and provided on-site support throughout the construction and inspection of the facility. With ample production capacity, and the capability to expand, North Las Vegas Organics’ Extraction Lab is poised to be a leader in the Nevada extraction market.




The Greenhouse 

Greenhouse 1 Greenhouse 2
Greenhouse 3 Greenhouse 4

This Greenhouse is a full acre of medical cannabis production located in Colorado. Utilizing supplemental lighting, light-deprivation and sophisticated environmental control systems, the facility is able to produce year-round and is capable of harvesting upwards of 8,000 pounds annually. Originally a cut-flower greenhouse abandoned since the early 1990’s, Next Big Crop’s founding members were instrumental in the planning and execution of the two-million- dollar renovation and also managed all start-up operations.


Other Services

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