Management and Compliance

Managed Services

Next Big Crop has over one hundred collective years of experience managing the labor force of compliant, commercial cultivation, retail and extraction facilities.


Custom Facility Design Facility Construction

Next Big Crop draws from our cultivation team’s combined experience-based knowledge to implement proven operational procedures; allowing us to minimize labor and streamline processes. We use large-scale horticultural processes tailored specifically for success in cannabis cultivation.

Services include:

  • Propagation schedules
  •  Operations manuals
  •  On-site, hands-on training
  •  Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
    – Specialized biological insect deployment plans
    – Specialized facility-wide sanitation plans
    – Navigating pesticide compliance
  •  Fertigation schedules
  •  Remote management



Greenhouse Management Fertigation System Management

Next Big Crop has over seven years of experience managing the labor force of compliant, commercial cultivation facilities. The largest problem seen in commercial grows is a lack of standardized employment rolls and duties, leading to wasted labor and money. Next Big Crop has managed large-scale commercial facilities, both greenhouse and indoor, from 2009 – present. In this time, we have developed staffing and labor practices borrowed from commercial horticulture processes, tailoring specifically for cannabis cultivation. Our goal in remote management is to implement operational procedures more akin to commercial growing practices than a typical cannabis operation. We know how to specialize and divide employment roles to maximize employee efficiency and avoid downtime.

We establish propagation timelines, fertigation schedules and IPM plans to allow for consistent production of high quality, pest and pathogen free cannabis. Remote management allows our clients access to on-site consultation, training for employees, and ongoing compliance audits to ensure facility efficiency.




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