License Procurement
Next Big Crop has worked within regulated medical and recreational markets across the country. Our consultants were active in the shaping of Colorado’s medical and recreational systems, testifying before governing agencies that were drafting the regulations.
Next Big Crop has years of consulting experience in the preparation and completion of marijuana applications in the states of: Maryland, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Washington.
Design And Build
Managed Services
We interface with architects and engineers to create cannabis cultivation facilities with a focus on process flow management, maximizing canopy area and utilizing proven horticultural systems and technology. Our team of experts have the ability to create a Business Plan complete with Pro-Forma projections, bringing your ideas to paper and ultimately; to life. 
Next Big Crop has over one hundred collective years of experience managing the labor force of compliant, commercial cultivation, retail and extraction facilities.
Operational Plans
Supply Chain Management
We establish propagation timelines, nutrient schedules and integrated pest management (IPM) programs to allow consistent production of high quality, pest and pathogen free cannabis.
Utilizing production schedules and integrated analytics platforms, we standardize your raw material needs, lower transportation costs and reduce waste resulting in lowered production costs.