Ann Stinn

Even though Ann Stinn doesn’t have a lot of direct contact with the people who ultimately benefit from her work, she says her favorite part of being a Compliance Manager is knowing what a significant impact what she does has on everyone involved with a cannabis operation, from patients and caregivers to owners and employees. “I feel like the fact that I have their health and safety at the forefront of my mind helps me to prioritize where I’m going,” Ann says. “I might be twice-removed from personal interaction, but knowing that I’m helping in some way from afar is so important to me.”

As an expert in ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, Ann specializes in auditing, lean manufacturing, six sigma analysis, and other quality system tools used to accelerate growth and performance excellence within an organization. Originally from Minneapolis, Ann moved to Denver in 1997 and worked as a manufacturing engineer learning AutoCAD, machine programming and QC inspection to tight protocols.

Ann’s experience also includes over 10 years as an ISO Management Representative in the heavily regulated medical device manufacturing industry, which only served to reinforce her understanding of the critical components of compliance. Ann entered the cannabis industry in 2016, to provide compliance management and consulting services to dispensaries and infused-product manufacturers. After joining Next Big Crop in 2018, Ann has since been instrumental in the development and maintenance of quality assurance systems helping the cannabis industry to thrive on a global scale. Ann is a member of the ASTM Cannabis Standards work group, Colorado MED Rulemaking workgroups, and a participant on the BSI Cannabis Industry Roundtable.

Life isn’t just about the regulatory dance, though, and so Ann, who has been playing piano since she was 9 years old, kicks back by playing bass regularly in a rock band. “I’ve played everything from punk to whatever,” she says. “It’s so rewarding, because it’s for the person playing, and it’s also for anyone who cares to listen.”