Clay Brier

With his combined analytical finance background, strong information technology skills and operations experience in nearly every aspect of cannabis — from cultivation and quality control to sales and marketing — Clay has become a master at converting our clients’ big-picture visions into manageable step-by-step pieces for seamless navigation through the ever-changing and rapidly expanding cannabis universe.

Clay joined Next Big Crop in 2015, on the heels of serving as the Director of Systems and Compliance for a 42,000-square-foot greenhouse, warehouse and associated dispensaries. His current role as Project Manager includes coordinating, implementing and monitoring NBC game plans, including managing budgets and allocating resources, along with writing (and winning) applications for every type of license, building cultivation facilities and dispensaries, training employees, implementing critical systems and standardizing processes nationwide. He draws frequently from his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations from Western Connecticut State University, as well as a decade of experience in IT, operations, marketing and sales.

When he’s not waving his sorcerer’s wand around to magically bring order to the cannabis cosmos, Clay can be found mountain biking in the summer — his fave trail: the gnarly alpine joys of Moab’s Whole Enchilada, with its 35 miles and 6,000-foot elevation gain — or in the winter, skiing inbounds at Beaver Creek or in the backcountry making fresh tracks. “I moved to Colorado to be a ski bum and wound up falling in love with the cannabis industry, and it just snowballed from there,” he says. “There’s no question that I’m living the dream.”