Daniel Press

To say that Daniel Press brings a versatile background of expertise to NBC is a vast understatement — his career has been richly layered with marketing and project management experiences that have helped to propel his clients to the highest levels of visibility and consumer confidence.

Daniel’s career initially launched, however, from a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Miami University, and this deep foundational understanding of people, combined with his work as a life coach and fitness trainer, as well as extensive marketing and management experience, has made Daniel the guy when it comes to directing multilayered and complex projects. “Our clients place their dreams in our hands, and I treasure being part of a team where every member is driven and determined to do everything that they possibly can within their realm of expertise to realize those dreams,” he says.

Daniel is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP, ATx5) with more than 15 years of crushing it. After absorbing what he could about the human psyche and divining exceptional motivational tools, he excelled in the marketing field before turning his focus toward senior project management, creating and implementing detailed project road maps, schedules and work breakdown structures, defining the processes and tools best suited to each project and mitigating risk factors through careful analysis of financial and statistical data. This was followed by six years with a top firm in Boulder, Colorado, where he re-established a project management team to execute high-profile organizational and client projects.

His strengths are multifaceted, with an emphasis on team performance specialization, communication expertise, and driving systemic and cultural paradigm shifts. Focusing on innovative strategies that infuse traditional management methodologies with behavioral science training and real-world lessons, Daniel brings that special something to NBC, elevating its mission and contributing to the continuing evolution of the cannabis industry. “There is a quote by Emerson that says, ‘To leave the world a bit better … this is to have succeeded,’ Daniel explains. “My role gives me the rare opportunity to leave the world a bit better by helping clients start their dispensary, cultivation or manufacturing business, which enables people to receive the life-changing products our clients offer.”

When he’s not pursuing efficient solutions and driving cultural change, Daniel enjoys landscape photography, whitewater kayaking and backpacking, but he points out that “the most rewarding pursuit I have had was the privilege of providing obedience training to animal shelter dogs to help them become more adoptable.”