Justin Itzkowitz

After a few experiences with 3D printing in college, Justin Itzkowitz was hooked. “In my freshman year, I did a project that involved printing 3D rockets, and that really sparked an interest in all things 3D,” Justin says. “Later, I also got to be involved in this amazing project designing 3D prosthetic hands for MIT’s FabLab, and that kind of sealed it.”

After moving to Colorado from Boston in 2017 (he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Union College), Justin joined Next Big Crop in 2017, and using Solidworks and AutoCAD, he has since brought to life hundreds of thousands of square feet of cannabis cultivation, dispensary and manufacturing facilities. His primary focus is system design, which means things like working up facility and equipment specs, creating irrigation systems, and coordinating with clients’ engineers and architects throughout the process to ensure that all of the details and requests from clients have been relayed and implemented in the final design.

Unlike the typical cliché of an introverted engineer, though, Justin says he really welcomes the human interaction of his work. “The things I enjoy here include dealing with our clients, who are all so different and have different needs and viewpoints,” Justin says. “I also like coordinating with vendors, establishing those relationships and making the right call on a good fit with the client. For me, the most important thing here is, what does the client want, and how can I make that happen?”

Like quite a few of his Next Big Crop co-workers, Justin loves to skydive, and hopes to do more of it. “I’ve gone a few times, and it’s just incredible,” says Justin, who grew up skiing Vail at his grandfather’s place. “The main reason I moved to Colorado was for the skiing, but then I discovered this great skydiving community here, including all of these great people in the office who spend their weekends out there.”