Equipment & Materials Sourcing

Equipment & Materials Sourcing

Equipment procurement starts in the design phase. You can’t select equipment (or complete your designs) without actual quotes for each major component in-hand. We work with operators to select from the best options available for lighting, benching/racking, HVAC and post-processing equipment, and then work directly with the manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the lowest possible pricing. Once it’s time to place orders, we coordinate with your construction team and the suppliers so that equipment is delivered on time and all fits seamlessly into the broader picture.


The same goes for the consumables your business uses every day. We leverage our relationships with the top hydroponic equipment suppliers to source your materials at a lower price and without hassles, which means lowered production costs.

  • Cultivation Lighting
  • Racking/Benching
  • HVAC
  • Irrigation Equipment and Controls
  • Harvest and Post-Processing Equipment
  • Hydroponic Equipment
  • Consumables
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