Yield & Quality Optimization

Yield and Quality Optimization

Unsure if your facility could be performing more efficiently? Or maybe you know for sure, but don’t know the quickest way to get your yields or quality back on track. Sometimes having an outside perspective is all you need to get to the bottom of a problem and come up with a plan to correct it.

Process and Methodology Evaluations

We offer onsite evaluations and remote consultations, and develop Corrective Action Plans that will provide you with a path to excellence, lining out the processes for maintaining that quality for the long term.

Operational Consulting

Deciding on warehouse vs. greenhouse? Rockwool vs. coco? LED vs. HID? Maybe you’re looking to move away from a complicated, 5+ part nutrient regimen to a 2-part salt-based program, but don’t know where to start. We can help you cut through all the noise and develop a profitable and sustainable methodology, by leveraging proven techniques and equipment, and tailoring them to your goals and experience level.

Customized SOPs

Need to get your process and best practices on paper? We can help. Looking for proven operational procedures for your new or existing operation, or for assistance on a license application? We’ve got those on lock, too. We’ll help you implement an actionable and compliant Quality Management Plan that will establish a culture of training and accountability within your operation and set you up for success in the world of GMP, GPP and GACP.