Genetic Consulting & Sourcing

Genetic Consulting & Sourcing

We’ll connect you with today’s most celebrated cannabis breeders and their most exclusive and sought-after strains. Access to dependable genetics and enough cuttings out of the gate to fire up your first flower rooms can give you a serious head start on the competition and mean the difference between demanding top dollar for your product or jockeying for a spot on the discount flower shelf.

Strain Library and Production Planning

How many strains should you be running at your facility? How many new strains should you add to your lineup and how often? What are the best ways to store and cycle through genetics? The NBC team has deep experience building out cultivation operations of all sizes in the most competitive markets, as well as in some of the most exclusive and protected markets to come online to date. We’ll work with your cultivation team and your sales department to establish a deep genetic library, and a plan for how to cycle through your cultivars, so that harvests of attention-grabbing strains can be coordinated with sales and marketing efforts, ensuring your wholesale buyers and consumers know what’s new, and where/when they can find it.


Through our extensive breeder and nursery network, we’ll put you in touch with the most desirable and dependable strains available. We only work with proven genetics, with reliable potency testing. We also make sure all sourced strains are tested and free of the Hop Latent Viroid pathogen, which is spreading like wildfire throughout commercial nurseries and flower-producing facilities alike, devastating yields and profits for growers and owners.