Our Services

Design Services & Construction Support

With decades of hands-on experience in cannabis facility construction, manufacturing and retail, the Next Big Crop team leverages hard-earned knowledge to create streamlined and efficient floor plans to boost productivity and reduce operational costs. Whether it’s a new build, retrofit or upgrade, we see the project through to completion.

Equipment & Materials Sourcing

Equipment procurement starts in the design phase. You can’t select equipment (or complete your designs) without actual quotes for each major component in-hand. We work with operators to select from the best options available for lighting, benching/racking, HVAC and post-processing equipment, and then work directly with the manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the lowest possible pricing. Once it’s time to place orders, we coordinate with your construction team and the suppliers so that equipment is delivered on time and all fits seamlessly into the broader picture.

Irrigation System Design & Control

Our network of cultivation experts includes reputable irrigation equipment companies, and we simplify the equipment selection process by offering growers proven solutions, no matter your size or budget.

Genetic Consulting & Sourcing

We’ll connect you with today’s most celebrated cannabis breeders and their most exclusive and sought-after strains. Access to dependable genetics and enough cuttings out of the gate to fire up your first flower rooms can give you a serious head start on the competition and mean the difference between demanding top dollar for your product or jockeying for a spot on the discount flower shelf.

Environmental Control

Environmental control systems for cultivation facilities come in all shapes and sizes— from standalone irrigation and HVAC system controls, all the way to fully automated Building Management Systems (BMS) that handle all irrigation and environmental controls and facilitate monitoring from a smartphone or tablet. We’ll help you navigate the ever-growing options on the market so you get a system that meets all your operational needs, without overwhelming your garden staff with tools and data that they’ll never use.

Yield & Quality Optimization

Unsure if your facility could be performing more efficiently? Or maybe you know for sure, but don’t know the quickest way to get your yields or quality back on track. Sometimes having an outside perspective is all you need to get to the bottom of a problem and come up with a plan to correct it.

Expert Witness Services

Next Big Crop’s ownership team has extensive experience with all levels of commercial cannabis, having designed, built and operated cultivation, manufacturing and retail facilities across the United States and internationally for over a decade. That’s why we offer Expert Witness Services in the fields of Cannabis Cultivation Operations; Cannabis Facility Design and Construction; Cannabis Systems and Equipment; and Cannabis Business Financials.