License Procurement

We capitalize on our comprehensive knowledge of the industry
application process, using it to optimal advantage for our clients. The
result? A proven track record at winning operational licenses in the
industry’s most competitive markets. We have secured licenses for clients
in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Colorado, Arkansas, Virginia, California
and Nevada. As more states legalize, Next Big Crop will be ready to help
cannabis businesses receive licenses nationwide and build
thriving cultivation, cannabis-infused product manufacturing
facilities and dispensaries.

Facility Design

We work with local architects and engineers to create state-of-the-art cultivation and manufacturing facilities, and best-in-breed adult-use and medical dispensaries. Through our obsessive focus on critical elements of successful design — including automation, process flow and labor management — we create production operations and customer experiences that are competitive and disruptive within the marketplace.

Systems Engineering

The systems that drive a professional commercial cultivation facility can consist of more than a million individual components. Each thermostat, pump, fertilizer injector, reservoir — the list is seemingly endless — needs to communicate with a centralized Building Management System for the facility to optimize these systems. Our engineers work directly with the manufacturers and distributers of this equipment, along with local architects and engineers, to ensure that your operational systems are designed, sourced and installed on schedule and at the lowest-possible cost to you. Once installation is complete, we’ll commission the system and train your staff on its operation and maintenance.

Equipment & Materials Sourcing

Through our strategic partnerships with the most reputable names in the agricultural industry, we are able to offer cultivation lighting, fertilizers, growing media and hydroponic equipment at competitive — and often significantly discounted — pricing that our competitors can’t (or are not willing to) match. Call us for a customized quote. We are confident that we will beat your monthly consumables costs by 10%

Management Operations

Bringing a cultivation site, manufacturing facility or dispensary to life is a tremendous undertaking. Minor missteps at the onset of operations can be expensive and time-consuming. We tailor operational plans to your unique business needs and take the guesswork out of hiring, training and management of your facilities throughout these pivotal first months. By the end of a Next Big Crop start-up management contract, you will have a local staff of trained operators who understand your business and their roles within it. You will have a high-quality management system in place, ensuring that your employees are invested in your process.

Cannabis Genetics Sourcing

We are part of a nationwide cannabis collective comprised of some of the most well-known and well-regarded breeders.

We source plants directly from them, spending good money on genetics to ensure that these plants are genuine and safe. And our catalog of strains keeps growing as more and more continue to meet our high standards and make the cut.