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Bringing a cultivation site, manufacturing facility or dispensary to life is a tremendously complex and fragile undertaking. The first months form the critical foundation of a brand. Minor missteps at the onset of operations can be costly, time-consuming and long-lasting. With decades of experience managing world-class cannabis cultivation, extraction, and dispensary businesses across the country, our team has the expertise, acumen and industry network to get your business off the ground and maximize its profitability.


We optimize hiring, training and management throughout the pivotal first months, ensuring your operation is compliant and primed for performance from day one. By the end of a Next Big Crop Start-Up Management Contract, you will have a staff of highly-trained operators and a best-in-class Quality Management System in place, ensuring a consistent product and an enduring staff culture.

Are you prepared to handle the multitude of cannabis compliance standards and regulations?

Besides cannabis inventory tracking, you’ll need health and safety, standard operating procedures, each states individual compliance mandates in mind, and more. If you want to learn more, read Cannabis Compliance: The Beast With Many Tenticles, an article we wrote for

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