Welcome to Next Big Crop, a full-service cannabis consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado. We are a dedicated group of passionate and seasoned cannabis experts with decades of collective expertise devoted to license procurement, facility design and construction, systems engineering, equipment and materials sourcing, management and compliance.

Our mission is to impart our experiences to the next generation of operators so that they are able to provide cannabis lovers with the highest-quality flowers, infused products and retail experiences available anywhere in the world.

Next Big Crop is a General Cannabis company, the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of business and consumer cannabis brands.

As a General Cannabis company, Next Big Crop will always be in a superior financial position over our competition because we are well-capitalized and managed with discipline as a publicly traded company. This means customers can rest assured that our lights will be on tomorrow—and long into the future. It also means there’s little we haven’t seen before.

Between our seasoned management team and our board of directors, the General Cannabis team knows business. We are the steady, stable hands at the wheel, driving the industry toward a higher standard of quality, professionalism and consistency. All of which means, that by working with Next Big Crop, you’re always in good hands.