Three of the Hottest Cannabis Strains to Cultivate in 2024 and Beyond

A light, almost pastel photo of a pretty flowering Dante's Inferno cannabis plant

Summer might be sliding into fall, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to leave behind the hottest strains of the season. Three absolutely flame thrower cannabis strains have earned their spot on the team are Dante’s Inferno, Optimus Prime, and Pie Scream #27. From their elite lineage to their stand-out flavor profiles and potency, these strains are a big part of why summer 2023 was both unforgettable and a little hard to remember, natch.

Cannabis consumers—and the cultivators keeping up with their tastes— may be constantly on the hunt for new and novel strains to experience. But Dante’s Inferno, Optimus Prime, and Pie Scream #27 won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Rather, they’ll continue to work their way through the cannabis industry as they are sourced by cultivators—and as more consumers in emerging markets get their chance to try these varieties for the first time.

1) Dante’s Inferno

Lineage: Dante’s Inferno is a powerful Indica-dominant strain with an intriguing lineage. This variety is the result of a cross between two renowned parent strains. The first is alluring newcomer Devil Driver, an uplifting Sativa-dominant hybrid. The second is Oreoz, an attractive strain named for its chocolatey, cake-like aroma.

Flavor Notes: Dante’s Inferno entices the taste buds with a complex combination of candy and gas flavors. You may notice hints of sugar candy from Devil Driver and surprising hints of gas from Oreoz that create a delightful contrast. Dante’s Inferno offers cannabis enthusiasts a robust and spirited array of scents and flavors you might not expect.

Potency: This strain packs a punch with a THC content that ranges from 24% to 29%. As a result, Dante’s Inferno is best suited for experienced users who can handle its intense and lingering effects. Its high THC levels offer a deeply relaxing and euphoric experience—perfect for unwinding on long summer evenings.

Breeder: Dante’s Inferno is the result of a dynamic collaboration between two breeders: Tiki Madman and Clearwater Genetics. With a focus on producing top-quality relevant genetics, these guys have made a significant impact on the cannabis breeding scene. Everything they do together is show off.

2) Optimus Prime

Lineage: True to the name, the robust, dynamic Optimus Prime strain transforms each of its parent strains—East Coast Sour Diesel and Project 4516—into more than a sum of their parts. ECSD is a potent Sativa that provides uplifting clarity, while Project 4516 is a flavorful and balanced Indica-dominant hybrid.

Flavor Notes: Real heads miss a classic Diesel strain in their lives, but this new favorite will scratch the itch. Optimus Prime delights the palate with a blend of Diesel and Gelatoish flavors, complemented by earthy undertones. Its terpene profile often exhibits notes of dirty fuel and a touch of cream. The result is a refreshing flavor that’s perfect for summer vibes whenever you settle in for that well deserved smoke.

Potency: With THC content ranging from 19% to 24%, Optimus Prime offers a well-balanced experience suitable for both novice and seasoned cannabis users. Its effects are characterized by gentle euphoria and relaxation, making it an excellent choice for social gatherings or outdoor activities. You’re going to be popular at any session when you pull out a jar of Optimus Prime.

Breeder: The breeder behind Optimus Prime is the esteemed LIT Farms. Known for its commitment to producing high-quality genetics, LIT Farms has gained widespread recognition and numerous awards for its outstanding cannabis strains.

3) Pie Scream #27

Lineage: Pie Scream #27 is an alluring Indica-leaning hybrid created by crossing Wedding Pie with Gelato #33 and Cherry Limeade F4. Wedding Pie is a balanced strain known for its uplifting and invigorating effects, while Gelato #33 brings a unique gas and cream to the mix—and Cherry Limeade F4 is the chef’s kiss to this unexpected blend.

Flavor Notes: As the name suggests, Pie Scream #27 delivers a mouthwatering fusion of sweet ripe fruit and fuel, with subtle floral undertones you might not expect. This delectable strain offers a refreshing and summery taste that’s sure to be a hit among cannabis enthusiasts any time of year. Think sour peaches and gasoline—just like a fruit stand on a rural Georgia highway.  When opening the jar there is no false advertisement, it tastes as good as it smells.  This strain is very memorable.

Potency: Pie Scream #27 typically contains a respectable THC level, ranging from 28% to 32%. The strain’s cannabis effects are known for inducing a relaxed and mellow state, while maintaining balance and comfort. This strain makes for a great choice morning or night, on land or water, and at any elevation. Keep exploring.  

Breeder: The breeders behind Pie Scream #27 are the reputable and innovative Skunktek and Mean Gene/Freeborn Selections. This team is celebrated for their dedication to creating unique and flavorful strains that stand out in the cannabis market. They are as authentic as it comes. 

Whatever time of year you’re growing or toking, consider trying these three remarkable strains. Dante’s Inferno, Optimus Prime, and Pie Scream #27 all offer a distinct flavor profile and potency, providing an array of experiences to suit your preferences. Remember to consume responsibly, follow local regulations and embrace the joys of this year’s hottest summer cannabis strains! Party on.  

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