Cannabis Compliance: The Beast with Many Tenticles

By Ann Stinn, Compliance Manager at Next Big Crop

Cannabis compliance is a beast with many tentacles — it’s way more than just inventory tracking.

For cultivators, it can be easy to get tangled and tripped up in the bureaucracy. 

And things can quickly go sideways if a business isn’t responsive and professional when a regulatory agency flags an issue.

Having a fully fleshed-out plan that covers both normal business and behind-the-scenes administration is essential, so everyone on your team is ready whenever an inspector comes calling. 

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About the Author
As an expert in ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, Ann specializes in auditing, lean manufacturing, six sigma analysis, and other quality system tools used to accelerate growth and performance excellence within an organization.
Ann’s experience also includes over 10 years as an ISO Management Representative in the heavily regulated medical device manufacturing industry, which only served to reinforce her understanding of the critical components of compliance.