Cannacribs Podcast #8 – Next Big Crop and Jarret Ricci

Cannacribs podcast #8 - Next Big Crop

Our Cannabis Consultant Jarret Ricci went on the Growers Network podcast Cannacribs to talk growing insights, consulting and a few of his crazy stories from along the way.

“Since Jarret joined Next Big Crop in January 2017 as a Cultivation Consultant, he has been in an integral support role for each of Next Big Crop’s clients, working directly with them to create the cultivation of their dreams. “It’s like building a race car,” he explains. “Everything has a function; nothing is extra or there just to be shiny. Each element needs to be performance-based and there for a reason, and then once you get going, you need to try to look as far down the road as possible.” “

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