How to Protect Your Cannabis Business From The Corona Virus

How to Protect Your Cannabis Business From The Corona Virus

Proactive measures for all cannabis business types:

  • Make sure that staff are not ill and are fit to work!
  • Facility wide strict adherence to CDC guidelines about the importance of proper handwashing techniques and best practices in virus prevention
  • Post indoor and outdoor signage notifying employees, patients and customers of CDC, local guidelines and requirements to prevent spread
  • Allow non-essential employees to work from home
  • Seek electronic or contactless payments options. Wear gloves during cash handling activities and wash hands after handling money

Considerations for Dispensing:

  • Encourage and promote online ordering, home delivery and drive-through purchases, where available
  • Use chalk lines or barriers to ensure customers do not come within six feet of one another.
  • Consider reducing the number of budtenders per shift
  • Have customers wait in their cars while “in line” and communicate with them via text
  • Staff should wear gloves and masks and periodically disinfect surfaces customers are required to touch (counters, doors, tablets)
  • Eliminate the use of smell jars and promote pre-packaged products versus deli-style service, where possible

Considerations for delivery:

  • Accept online electronic payments in place of handling cash
  • Do not bring deliveries into the home
  • Include a field for “contactless delivery” option or “delivery instructions” for customer input during their online ordering process
  • Delivery personnel must follow CDC guidelines for proper handwashing techniques especially before and after loading and unloading
  • Monitor the cleanliness and sanitation of all delivery vehicles 

Proactive cleaning and disinfection procedures for a Cannabis Cultivation: 

  • Prepare cultivation room and apply of Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) disinfectant using methods, instructions, and contact times as instructed on the product label
  • Further penetrate and disinfect all areas and surfaces using Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) gas
  • Upon returning, make sure area is safe, and don appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) where needed
  • Increase air circulation through facility HEPA filtration system, where feasible

Proactive cleaning and disinfection procedures for a Cannabis Processor:

  • Ensure laboratory workers are trained appropriately in food hygiene and reinforce hygienic practices
  • Maintain a trained housekeeping team and periodic cleaning and sanitation schedules for all areas of the laboratory
  • Clean, sanitize, and disinfect weigh scales, pipettes, measuring cylinders, flasks and other glassware immediately after use
  • Use EPA approved, hospital-grade disinfectant products for cleaning and sanitation


For safe, fast, and effective disinfectant for your cannabis facility, we recommend Prokure V

For use in all types of cannabis facilities, ProKure V is an EPA-registered, hospital-grade Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) disinfectant that is effective in the prevention, control, and removal of harmful surface pathogens and bacteria.  EPA Registration No. 87508-3-89334


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