Work These Classic Cannabis Strains Into Your 2024 Cultivation Rotation

Last fall, we predicted three of the hottest cannabis strains to cultivate in 2024 based on what was making a splash in the summer of 2023. After all, it takes time for a viral cannabis strain to work its way from a breeder to cultivation facilities in both established and emerging legal markets, as growers and consumers alike embrace the latest heavy hitters.

It takes more than three young gun hybrids, however, to keep up with your customer’s constant demand for novelty. As we roll through 2024 and our jars of bud, we’ve noticed a certain theme emerging—we are really missing some of the classic weed strains. And we know we’re not alone. 

Just like certain fashion styles or car models cycle back in and out of style, so do cannabis strains. Sometimes that market craving for something new can be answered not by popping new seeds, but by getting old seed stock wet. 

Even if the collection is not “vintage”  per se, some breeders are still working with those genetics, flavors and “feels” that are not as well represented in today’s fast-paced candy and fruit trends.

Really, when was the last time that you smoked a real Haze, or a real OG cannabis strain? If you’re ready to work some classic tracks back into the mix throughout 2024, get these old/new takes on your favorite classic weed strains into your garden today:


Lineage: On paper, the NL #5 Haze x Headband lineage might scare you off—but resist the urge to run from those speedy cerebral highs you chased when you were younger. Yes, the effects from this vintage champ are maybe a little more rabbit than turtle, but this strain is also comfortable, balanced and enjoyable. I want to call it complex, but it’s not— it’s just right. Wear comfortable shoes because there will be a little extra pep in your step.  Put on your shades and go do something rad. 

Flavor Notes: The immediate, almost sharp Haze nose is intoxicating and 100% recognizable as soon as you open the jar. The thick, Sharpie marker smell that we all know comes spilling out accompanied by a fuelish gas smell. 

The almost kelly green flowers are beautiful—no purple here. These flowers are tighter than most Hazes out there. The Headband input improves the flower density and shape, as well as the amount of trichomes and the bag appeal. These fully formed and dense flowers will sparkle in the jar and immediately get your attention. No fluff here.   

Breeder: Skunktek is one of our favorite breeders out there. He is able to straddle the fence with the new and fresh while respecting the timeless pillars of genetics. He brings a West Coast touch to some of the new East Coast markets like New York, New Jersey and Maryland

There is a lot of pride in the quality of product in these big emerging markets and it all starts with the cannabis genetics. Skunktek is making the old heads feel seen again. We celebrate his work in our lineup and will continue to collect and pop the seeds he is making.  His work is original, and it’s truly for smokers, not just to move seed packs.   



Lineage: The Crippy from Hawaii has been in 808 Genetics’ family for generations and is simply put “classic.”  It is OG.  The Napali Kush is (Crippy x (Forum Cookies x Forum Cookies x Blue Power)). This old/new creation is powerful. Currency is not to be consumed before speaking in front of a whole room of people. 

Instead, prepare to relax. After a long day of work, this strain can help relieve those achy knees or back. Couch lock is real with this one; close your mouth when you’re done talking. This is also a good one before bed—you may hit the pillow a little harder and faster than usual. 

Flavor Notes: The term “gas” gets thrown around a lot these days. Just like all those “fire” strains at the dispo and the grow, overusing an adjective waters down the true meaning as it becomes part of pop culture. That said, second generation cannabis farmer Jake Britt’s classic inputs at 808 live up to the true meaning of the term “gas.” 

This is a nostalgic smokers’ pass back to what OGs and real gas can be. The bright vibrant green flowers are hard, round and absolutely draped in trichomes and will give you all the good vibes. Just don’t smoke this one if you’re in a hurry.

Breeder: 808 Genetics is one of those teams that just does not stop putting out great seeds. They are constantly “testing their work” for quality as well as smoke. They are breeders and caregivers that practice what they preach, with varieties born and bred in Hawaii and ready to be set loose on Maryland and New York’s emerging adult-use markets. Their work is designed for the people. Some of our favorite strains in our library come out of the 808 family.    


Lineage: This Glue x Triangle Kush x Highschool Sweetheart blend offers an instantly pleasurable full-body high. The potency from the Glue and Triangle Kush will immediately change your attitude. Everything just got a little bit cooler; a slowed down version of reality. The long lasting relaxed high will release your shoulders, help you stand taller, and help you take fuller breaths while chasing that fresh air.   

Flavor Notes: Mercy is as classic as a John Deere tractor—all rubber and earth with that old-school euphoria that first turned you on to cannabis. It’s a big, bold strain that feels like taking a long walk in the country air on one of those early spring days when you can smell the sun on the dirt. This is what designer genetics are supposed to be.

Breeder: The folks at Gage Green Group are self-described “boutique herbalists.” In the game for longer than most, these Michigan genetic designers make classic weed strains original and new again. Because the Gage team only releases a limited number of seeds each year, it’s all the more special when you get to enjoy their work. 

Gage’s strains are only found in elite gardens. The amount of care that goes into their decision making is refreshing. Music, philosophy and intentions are specifically paired with each creation. There is not enough art in this world, and Gage is one of the few artists left. They take a great amount of pride in their work—sincerely, thank you to Gage for those special touches.

A New Spin on Classic Weed Strains for Modern Growers

After smoking through this genetic list, I’ve noticed a common theme surrounding what’s “hot” or what you should prioritize now, and it revolves around these classic, foundational genetics. Some of these genetics no longer receive the recognition they deserve even though they helped build this community and are constantly recycled and repurposed under new names. 

Part of the reason for why some of these Hazes and OGs have become the foundation for new hybrids is that breeders wanted to keep the flavors and effects, but resolve some of these classics’ finickier qualities. It’s important to pick these strains’ neighbors carefully—they don’t always play well in management groups. With the help of an experienced facility design and genetics consultant, however, it’s well worth getting these jars on your table.

If your cultivation facility is in need of a strain update, NBC offers cannabis genetics consulting and sourcing services to operators at any stage and any size. Hit us up at to track down these flavors or anything else you’re hunting. Good genetics win every time.