Our Next Project Represents The Future Of Cannabis Facility Design

Oklahoma Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Our next project in Oklahoma is under way and it’s a great example of what the future of facility design and construction will look like in the medical marijuana industry. We’re looking forward to showing you some of the cutting edge technology being integrated into this Greenhouse. Much of this facilities success will come down to one feature…. automation.

Construction begins in Oklahoma on a 10,750 sq ft Greenhouse.


This 10,750 sq ft Greenhouse will feature fully automated controls allowing its operators to review and modify minute details about their plants life cycle. Created by Argus Control Systems, we design and integrate this platform into each room to monitor and control specific aspects of the growing process including environment, lighting, and irrigation. Argus also provides easily accessed data points that help make operational decisions and make keeping the facility compliant much easier. 

Along with a rock solid team of cultivators (that we train and manage), automation is one of the best ways to put this facility ahead of its competition. Scheduled to open in Spring 2020, this facility will produce 2,000+ pounds of medicinal marijuana annually. 

We’d love to design, build and integrate a fully automated greenhouse for you too.

Email us at info@nextbigcrop.com to learn more.