Systems Integration

Over One Million Components Drivea Commercial Cutivation Facility

Our systems integrators make them all function harmoniously. We take the guess work out of selecting and sourcing complex and capital-intensive systems so that you can be confident in your investment and operational infrastructure. We tap into our extensive network of the best brands and distributors to ensure operational systems are designed, sourced and installed on schedule and at the lowest-possible cost to you. We then commission systems and train your staff on their operation and maintenance – giving your team the confidence to take the reigns.


We Deliver Unmatched Precision To Your Facility

Next Big Crop works with the industry’s top equipment manufacturers to design and integrate automation and environmental control systems to manage and track fertigation, irrigation, HVAC, CO2, odor control, greenhouse systems and more. These building management systems collect and store data and provide real time visibility into your operation. Reporting capabilities are customizable to fully meet your needs.

Remote access and control through any smart device provides operators with an added layer of security and is frequently described as “a game-changer” by our clients and their staff. Labor efficiencies, methods to reduce production costs and sustainable practices are built into every operational system we install.


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