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With decades of collective experience in creating commercial cultivation facility designs and dispensaries, we partner with our clients to enhance their vision and create a streamlined and efficient grow room design, and space plan experience.

Utilizing the best horticulture systems and technology, our designers work with local architects and engineers to ensure that our detailed focus on process flow management, space utilization, and compliance-driven design is maintained through the entire design and permitting phase.

Once you’re operational, we help develop a commercial cultivation business plan and partner with you to train your staff on the site’s operation and maintenance ultimately transforming your team into experts.

Our Cultivation Facility Design Services Include:

  • Conceptual Layouts
    NBC can provide flexible facility programing and design for consideration.  We have expertise in all aspects of cannabis production, from cultivation and extraction to processing and retail.
  • Floor Plans
    NBC’s design team will work to optimize your facility based on existing conditions to ensure the most efficient use of space.
  • Site Plans
    Keeping State regulations in mind, your site will be designed for compliance, expansion, and ease of use.
  • Lighting
    Our team has extensive experience with all types of grow light systems as well as lighting control. We work directly with lighting manufacturers and can provide the best system for your facility.
  • Security and Surveillance: Plans & Systems
    Our understanding of State regulations allow our design team to develop your security system to meet or exceed the requirements and maintain compliance.
  • 3D Renderings
    NBC utilizes state of the art building modeling software to illustrate our designs. 2D and 3D models can be developed for client review and analysis.
  • Utility Efficiency Analysis
    Our design parameters include systems that contribute to sustainability and energy use awareness. Our building management systems provide real-time energy and resource reports for analysis.
  • Equipment Specifications and Layout
    NBC has purchasing relationships with many of the major equipment suppliers for the agriculture and cannabis industries. We prefer to specify equipment that we have observed to be best in class, and provide measurable value.
  • Design Review
    The design development process features multiple peer review sessions to ensure that your project is on track and being built to the known specifications.
  • Construction Permitting Support
    NBC works closely with our Architectural partners as well as the local municipality to ensure the design is complete and will result in approval on the first submittal.



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