Facility Design

With decades of collective experience operating the commercial production facilities and dispensaries we create, Next Big Crop is able to leverage hard-earned knowledge to create streamlined and efficient space plans and dispensary experiences that disrupt marketplaces.

Once operational, we train your staff on the site’s operation and maintenance – transforming your team into experts.


Your Facility’s Design Controls Its Potential

Our designers work with local architects and engineers to ensure our obsessive focus on process flow management, space utilization and compliance-driven design is maintained throughout the entire design and permitting phase.Our facilities utilize the best proven horticultural systems and technology.

  • Conceptual layouts
  • Floor plans: Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Dispensary
  • Site plans
  • Lighting
  • Security and Surveillance: Plans & Systems
  • 3d Renderings
  • Utility Efficiency Analysis
  • Equipment specification & layout
  • Design review
  • Construction Permitting Support

To speak directly with our Design Team about your designand construction goals, call us at 720.750.7022or use the contact form below.

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