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Next Big Crop is a Full-Service Grow Facility Consulting Firm that Builds and Manages World Class Facilities


Whether your business is new or old, we’re committed to your success.

We’ll help your business grow.

Next Big Crop has your consulting needs covered.

Our Areas of Expertise

Whether your business is new or ready to grow to the next level, we’re committed to your success.

License Procurement

License Procurement

We have a proven success record of winning operational licenses in competitive markets. Our team knows that when it comes to licensing approval, the details matter.

We’ve secured licenses in PA, MD, OH, CO, AR, VA, CA, and NV.

Facility Design & Construction

Facility Design & Construction

We create state-of-the-art cultivation and manufacturing facilities. We also create best-in-breed, marketplace disrupting, adult-use medical dispensary experiences

Systems Integration

System Integrations

Over 1 million components drive a commercial cultivation facility.

Our designers ensure every component functions harmoniously. We work directly with local architects, engineers, manufacturers, and distributors to affordably design, source, and install operational systems. And we make sure everything happens on schedule.

We’ll also make sure your teams are operation and maintenance experts.

Equipment & Materials Sourcing

Equipment & Materials Sourcing

We’ll beat your monthly consumable expenses by 10%.

Call for a customized quote and take advantage of our strategic partnerships with the most reputable agricultural industry names.

Management & Compliance

Management & Compliance

Missteps during the pivotal first months can devastate your business, reputation, and operations.

By the end of a Start-Up Management contract, you’ll have an optimized business with expertly trained operators and a top-quality Building Management System for a seamless and, most importantly, profitable business.

See Our Work

See Our Work

Take a look at our past clients and their achievements and let us help you turn your business into a money making machine.

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